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Veterinary medicine and biothechnology

Our subsidiary and partner companies look back on 35 years of experience in developing and producing vaccines and other medical products for veterinary use, that today are distributed for vaccination coverage on several continents.

Our JSC „Institute of Biotechnology and Veterinary Medicine has been founded in 2003 and possesses of high-tech laboratory equipment, licenses for working with highly pathogenic materials as well as a high-level saved wing dedicated to animal epidemic research, where work on the most dangerous pathogens can be carried out.


During the last 10 years our experts have succeeded in completing numerous scientific research projects, developing and introducing onto the market eight new technologies for production of veterinary biopreparations. We hold 22 obtained patents in the Russian Federation (f. e. vaccines for rabies, anthrax, avian flu and pasteurellosis).


In close collaboration with Russian universities and other academic institutions we built up the Technopark Pokrovsky on a territory of 300 000 sq. m in Volginsky nearby Moscow. This location is becoming more and more a centre of biotechnology, which is used by numerous Russian as well as international well-known companies. Our  infrastructure complex (24h-security, state of-the-art facilities with our own waste water treatment plant, up-to-date communication solutions, modern seminar and training centre) and the strict observance of the governmental hygiene and safety standards guarantee our tenants simply and non-bureaucratic opportunities for biotechnological research, production and synergies with the neighbour companies.

Our certification centre „BIOTECHTEST“ is specialized on medical, veterinary, cosmetics and food products. It is an authorized government agency for the full registration and certification in the Russian Federation.

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